My friends and I like to go fast, really fast…

   Greg Flores is one of the best mechanics I know and has always had some of the fastest toys an adult male could ask for. Greg and I have known each other more years than I have fingers on my hands. We met the same way I have most of my close friends over the years, Racing in the desert. For us the love of cars and the passion to modify them is something we all relate to, so when Greg asked me to shoot his mustang it was a no brainer.         
    After Greg is done working on euro rigs everyday it is no wonder why he goes with American Muscle for his personal daily driver. That’s right, you read that correctly, his Shelby Cobra is also what he drives everyday to work. Greg comes from the same mentality as myself, “Why have it if you are not going to DRIVE it?!”
    I enjoyed shooting Greg’s Shelby not only because it is my friends gorgeous ride, but because Greg and I share the same views on vehicle aesthetics. Between the blue paint and black wheels and the stance for the mustang, this muscle car looks fast just sitting there. The gorgeous backgrounds in Camarillo CA. didn’t hurt either. This was one of the most satisfying shoots I have done in a while. I am looking forward to the next ride he is putting together, but that one will be a bit more dirty.